Bedroom & Living Room Led Lighting Solutions

Bedroom & Living Room Led Lighting Solutions

A wide range of shade styles and lamp designs can match various styles of home decoration. The height, the color temperature, the brightness...you can set up your own style for the bedroom and living room. Whether it's a bedtime reading or a cozy atmosphere, our lamps will meet your different needs.

Advantages of HOMESTARLIGHT Lights in Bedroom & Living Room

Advantages of HOMESTARLIGHT Lights in Bedroom & Living Room
  • Suitable height and adjustable lighting direction, provide you with the most comfortable reading light without disturbing others

  • Different color temperatures are suitable for different scenes, Warm lighting is thought to aid relaxation, a lamp with warm light can help prepare for sleep, while a neutral light is suitable for living room activities, reading, hand working...

  • Flexible adjustable swing arms or light shade can adjust the lighting direction, height, and lighting area as you want.

  • Modernist /minimalist design is suitable for any decorations, add a warm, soft light to your space or it could be an ornament in itself.

Case Study of HOMESTARLIGHT Lights in Bedroom & Living Room

Charge Your Phone While You Sleep
  1. With a wireless charger, Instead of having to find a socket or charger to charge your phone while you sleep, just place it on the lamp

  2. Wake up in the middle of the night and can't find the light switch? No this problem.No matter where you touch the lampshade, it lights up.

  3. The 4000K warm light can relax your mind and does not interfere with melatonin production. Suitable for bedroom activities such as reading, watching TV, or just relaxing.

Adjustable Lampshade And 36°Light Angle
  1. Adjustable lampshade and 36°light angle, choose the light directly where you want freely. Can be an accent lamp to attract attention and stand out features, and also be used as a soft version of ambient lighting, giving off a pleasant glow and creating a comfortable atmosphere.

  2. A flat base can be put everywhere you want and does not take up much space.

  3. Minimal design, suitable for any decoration style.

  4. Especially light for reading/handwork.

  5. Adjustable brightness, choose the one as your mood.

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