Types of Floor Standing Reading Lamp

Types of Floor Standing Reading Lamp

TOPMB floor lamps offer a wide variety of styles and widely used, they can add color to a home's interior design or add interest to empty corners in addition to providing light.Minimalist design also can meet different home decor.

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Different luminous surface for floor lamp

Cylindrical shade
Cylindrical shade

It's a very common style and can meet any home decor.

The Cylindrical shade make the light more concentrated and can illuminate your novel or desk directly.

The round lights are also good-looking when projected on the wall as a decoration.

You can also choose only one lampshade, or 2/3 lampshades as you need.while each lampshade can be controlled individually,both the brightness and the light direction.

Slim lampshade
Slim lampshade

The slim lampshade with popular minimalist design, provide you a super wide light range.

It's a really good choice if you need a right lamp to bright up your working area while there are no space to put a desk lamp.

The touch control on the lampshade is also let you can easily adjust the light at hand.

Soft gooseneck design allows the lamp to flexibly adjust the lighting angle and height to meet your need.

Flat lampshade
Flat lampshade

The flat and big luminous surface can provide you a large light area,and the glare free light make it to be a perfect choice for reading/studying/working and anywhere quality lighting is needed.

Stepless CCT 3000K-6500K and stepless DIM adds a great feature for this lamp.

The flexible adjustable light pole makes it easy to gather the light where you need it.

Hot Questions of Floor Lamp

Is the floor lamp bright enough to read?

Of course, the lumen of the light is more than 450lmfor a single light shade, and some items have soft gooseneck which can be easily adjusted to the height of your shoulder. CRI>95 can provide you the truest color, calm and bright light without flicking and glare can protect your eyes when reading.

What's the material of the floor lamp?

Metal with spray paint with LED light source, High quality, comfortable feel, appropriate weight.

What color temperatures are available?

3000K/4000K/5000K/6000K can be chosen, and also can customize 1 or 3 modes of color temperature.

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