Types of Working Clamp Lamp

Working Clamp Lamp

TOPMB working clamp lamp, free up your desk space while providing you calm, bright lighting up your full workbench. Relieve eye strain when you spend a long time working or reading.

Types of Working Clamp Lamp

Benefits of Working Clamp Lamp

  • Asymmetric Optics

    Angle light only lights up the workbench, with no light directly hitting the eyes and dazzling the user's eyes.

  • High Quality Light

    Calm and bright, no glare, no flicking, high CRI, RA>95, uniform light.

  • Ultra Wide and Super Bright

    Ultra-wide luminous surface and high brightness cover the full desk evenly, letting you see clearly what you are reading or working on.

  • Flexible Adjustable Light Pole

    Adjust the height and angle of the light as you need freely. Can be positioned to suit a range of tasks.

  • Stepless DIM and CCT

    Freely adjust the brightness and color temperature as you want, and meet different bright needs.

  • Space-saving

    Metal clamp clip to the edge of the desk, free up the desk space.

TOPMB's Tips to Choose Working Clamp Lamp

TOPMB's Tips to Choose Working Clamp Lamp
  • If you have many things on the desk and no more space to put a table lamp, the clamp lamp is a really good choice. TOPMB clamp working lamp clipped to the edge of the desk, does not take up desktop space.

TOPMB's Tips to Choose Working Clamp Lamp
  • A good working lamp can light up the task at hand, no matter reading the book or typing on the keyboard, you can see it clearly and comfortably. TOPMB working lamp can relieve your eye strain because of the high-quality light without glare and flicking.

TOPMB's Tips to Choose Working Clamp Lamp
  • The flexible adjustable light pole and stepless CCT and DIM will help give you more control over the amount of light and its direction, which is ideal for handwork and reading.

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Hot Questions of Working Clamp Lamp

How many levels of brightness and color temperature are there to choose from?

There are 4 modes of color temperature and 5 levels of brightness to adjust, and also can be stepless DIM+CCT, custom is accepted.

Is it bright enough to read?

Yes, the illumination in the center is more than 2580lux in 50cm for 80cm light shade, for 48cm light shade, the lumen is >750lm, they are bright enough for reading and working.

Does it suitable for people working on the computer?

Yes, the lamp can be clipped to the back of the computer, and the special angle light only lights up the work area without light reflecting on people's eyes.

Do lights cause shadows?

No, this light is without shadow, glare, flicking, or blue rays reflecting from the screen. Is eye-care light.

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