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80cm super bright eye care working lamp

This lamp can not only for single screens in different size and shapes, but also suitable for double screen or multi screen.The high quality light is the heart of a lamp.High quality light - This moni...

A good lamp to change your working area

I can say it's a best lamp for my desk until now.Sometimes we have to working at home,a bright and calm environment is needed for better working and reading.There are not only a ceiling light is r...

Lighting up your working area-eye care working lamp

For people who often working at night, They may have this problem:The dark ambientThe top light brings shadows on working areaScreen reflection when computer workHeadaches and eye strain......All of u...

One of the best working lamp for Home office in 2023

A bright, clean and tidy working area can let you immersed more in what you are working on.And a great working lamp is necessary to set up a comfortable working space.Not only the function, but also t...

Black, minimalist office space

Sometimes we have to finish some work at home, and the ambient lighting always are not designed for it, so we need a right lamp to set up a suitable work space for ourselves.The TOPMB super wide eye-f...
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