Piano Lamps For Sale

Piano Lamps For Sale

TOPMB professional piano eye protection lamp.Special angled light and adjustable arms let the lights not dazzle the musician but make the notes clearly recognizable on the music holder. Designed with functionality and modernist beauty is an amazing part of piano.

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Why You Need A Piano Desk Lamp

Relieve eye strain
Relieve eye strain

High CRI, RA>95, providing you with a comfortable and bright music space.23.5” light bar illuminates the entire score and keys evenly and brightly without dead corners or shadow on the hand, The asymmetric optics design can also reduce glare from gloss polished pianos, which can relieve eye strain and protect our eyes.

Asymmetric optics
Asymmetric optics

Angle light, lighting up the entire score and keys evenly and brightly without disturbingly hitting your eyes. Do not dazzle the musician.


Choose the light brightness and the color temperature according to your mood, warm or white, dim or bright.

Light sensor function
Light sensor function

The brightness can adjusts automatically to the surroundings, letting people enjoy their music without paying attention to adjust the light

Quality Assured of TOPMB's Piano Desk Lamp

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Long Service Life: It has undergone at least 6,000 on and off tests and a long time aging after multiple inspection procedures, The service life can be at least 25,000 hours. You can choose us with confidence! Warranty: We have a two-year warranty for our products. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us.

Contractual Warranty & Tested Lifetime
Tested LifetimeAt least 6000 times
Service LifeAt least 25,000h or 3 years
Warranty24 months

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