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Ultra Wide Big Power Screen Lamp

When you have a big size screen or multiple screens, you need more wide light.

So our Ultra wide big power screen lamp can solve your problem.

More Lumen, more brightness, more wide light.

We take care more--Not only work, but also you can read, make a drawing.

Ultra wide big power screen lamp

Screen Light Bar

It's easy to assemble and makes your table very tidy.

The High lumen can make your work area comfortable.

The RA>97 provides you with high-quality light.

The  technical of Asymmetric Optics make sure there is no light flick on your 

eyes, even if you work a long time, you won't feel tired.  

Screen light bar

Wireless Control Grand Piano Lamp

Who brings the light for the black and white key of the Grand Piano?

Who let the Pianist read the Piano score clearly,

Who let the  Pianist control the light easily. 

It is our Wireless control Grand piano lamp.

Wireless control Grand piano lamp
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