Types of Laptop Monitor Light

Laptop Monitor Light

There are small and portable monitor lamps from TOPMB special for laptops, which help people easy to see the keyboard and protect their eyes.

Types of Laptop Monitor Light

Benefits of Laptop Monitor Light

  • Asymmetric Optics

    45°angle light can reduce screen reflection and glare while lighting up your keyboard and desk.

  • Eye Protection

    High CRI proximity to natural light and angle light can relieve eye strain when you spend too much time in front of the computer. Effectively protecting your eyes.

  • Portable

    Light bar with clip, small and portable, comes with a velvet pouch.

  • USB/type-C Powered

    Both have USB and type-C power, suitable for laptops.

TOPMB's Tips to Choose Laptop Monitor Light

TOPMB's Tips to Choose Laptop Monitor Light
  • 31cm length perfectly matches the size of the laptop, light and small, easy to easily be tucked into a backpack or Laptop bag.

TOPMB's Tips to Choose Laptop Monitor Light
  • USB-type C powered, plug the light into the laptop or power bank for lighting up.

TOPMB's Tips to Choose Laptop Monitor Light
  • All-in-one design, no spare parts except USB cable, easy to use, just needs to clip it to your laptop.

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Hot Questions of Laptop Monitor Light

Are the lights bright enough?

Of course, the lumen of the laptop monitor lamp is more than 235lm.

Does it match my Type-C computer outlet?

Yes, it has a type and USB port to suit different interfaces.

How thick screen does this clip fit on?

About 0.1-1.5cm.

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