Manicure Desk Light Types

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No manicure table is complete without top-notch lighting, TOPMB manicure table lamp light, TOPMB provides high-quality manicure desk light for every professional manicurist and beautician and helps them to finish complete a series of intricate beauty art.

Manicure Desk Light Types

Manicure Table Lamp Light Benefits

  • High Quality LED Lighting Source

    High  Color Rendering Index, RA>85/95, provides you with the truest color, calm and bright light without flicking, light glare, or shadows, relieving the manicurist's eye strain.

  • Flexible Adjustable Light Pole

    Soft gooseneck or swing, arms can easily adjust the light to where you need it.

  • Wide Luminous Surface

    With a wide luminous surface that can light up the full manicure desk and beauty area. High luminous are bright enough for beauty work.

  • Minimalist Design

    Neat, elegant manicure lamp can be worn with any decoration, even if it is part of the decoration.

  • Space-saving

    Clamp to the edge of the desk or stand on the floor, free up the desk space to put more manicure tools.

TOPMB's Tips to Choose Manicure Desk Light

TOPMB's Tips to Choose Manicure Desk Light
  • First, to choose the right brightness for your salon, a bright and comfortable light allows you to see your artwork clearly while protecting your eyes from long periods of focused work. Let the beautician draw the smallest lines without squinting or trying to see.

TOPMB's Tips to Choose Manicure Desk Light
  • Second, high Color Rendering Index, full spectrum provides you with the closest thing to natural light and see the truest color.

TOPMB's Tips to Choose Manicure Desk Light
  • Adjustable is also important. The light needs to be adjusted freely to shine wherever you require. So a flexible adjusted light pole is a good choice.

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Manicure Desk Light FAQs

Will the hands feel hot under the light of nail desk lamp?

No, this is a high-quality LED light for manicure table that is non-heat emitting, keeping things cool for you and your client.

Does TOPMB's manicure desk light really suit for nail art?

Of course, the wide light surface lets the light have full table coverage, no glare, and no flicking, which can protect the manicurist's eyes. 

Are there any additional functions?

Yes, some manicure desk lights with USB chargers and wireless chargers for clients.

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