Working Lamp

Working Lamp

A great Ultra wide working lamp can change your workspace—both aesthetically and functionally. 19” - 31.5” light bar from TOPMB makes luminous full desk coverage evenly, which can help you better see what you're working on while relieve eye strain and protect our eyesight

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TOPMB's Tips to Choose Working Lamp

The Light
The Light
  • Different from ordinary working lamps, the TOPMB working lamp is equipped with Asymmetric optics(obtained invention patent), the light only reaches the work area without reflection from the computer screen which will disturbingly hit your eyes.

  • And a good light also should be able to customize the light according to your demand. Easy to adjustable the brightness and color temperature to the most suitable light will let people be more focused and comfortable.

  • Ultra wide and super bright:18.5”- 31.5” light bar and 45cm 2580LUX / 50CM 1750LUX / 70CM :1050LUX can provide a full desk coverage evenly light.which really suitable for working/reading/Sewing/Architect/Painting.

  • Modernist Design, Minimalist Style & Sturdy Design, In line with modern aesthetics and ergonomics, not only a lighting tool but also a decoration that has a science and technology feeling, which can provide you a better experience.

  • Clip/Flat base design: clipped to the edge of the table or with a flat stable base, Do not take up much space.

Flexible Adjustable
Flexible Adjustable
  • A good desk lamp should be flexible and adjust the light direction to where you need it

  • Some lamps with soft gooseneck while others with adjustable arms and joints. 

  • The lamp should be easy to operate whether it is fully adjustable or less technical.

Quality Assured of TOPMB's Working Lamp

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Long Service Life: TOPMB working lamp has undergone at least 6,000 on and off tests and a long time aging after multiple inspection procedures, The service life can be at least 25,000 hours. You can choose us with confidence!

Warranty: We have a two-year warranty for our products. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us.

Contractual Warranty & Tested Lifetime
Tested LifetimeAt least 6000 times
Service LifeAt least 25,000h or 3 years
Warranty24 months

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