Monitor Light Bar

Monitor Light Bar

TOPMB's full range desk LED monitor light bar can give your more solution for the Various Monitor, TOPMB offers high quality LED light bar for monitor.

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TOPMB Desk LED Monitor Light Bar Specifications

ItemPHX003 46cmPHX003 with remotePHX006E-S
Asymmetric optics, Angle light
Switch (touch button)stepless + 4 levelwith wireless remoteStepless DIM 3 levels CCT
color temperature3000K-6500K3000K-6500K3000K-6500K
light sensor
(Automatically changes
brightness depending
on the environment)
memory function
(Maintain the lighting Settings
before the power failure
after the restart)
Cliphung up cliphung up cliphung up clip
Applicableclassic screen lamp for
regular monitor
with wireless remotesuitable for curved monitors and
most kinds of screen

Video of LED Desk Monitor Light Bar

LED Monitor Light Bar VS Desk Lamp Monitor

Desk Monitor Light
Desk Monitor Light
  • Desk Monitor led light bar can save more space.

  • The light angle of the screen lamp won't cause glare, which ensures that the light is directed to your work area instead of your eyes.

  • Small size, lightweight, and beautiful matching the screen.

  • Can connect the Computer to get power easily.

  • 5V 1A USB output, low voltage, safety.

Desk Lamp Monitor
Desk Lamp Monitor
  • The range and brightness of lighting are larger, providing sufficient lighting in an area.

  • Create a sense of atmosphere.

  • It's easy to move and you can put it anywhere, not only in your workspace but also near the bed, or living room.

  • Designs are various, classic, modern, cute, and cool.

  • Have more additional functions, such as having Calender on the desk lamp, including Radio. Can charge your mobile.

Quality Assured of TOPMB's LED Desk Monitor Light Bar

desk monitor light

TOPMB's LED monitor bar light has undergone at least 6,000 on and off tests and a long time aging after multiple inspection procedures, The service life can be at least 25,000 hours. You can choose topmb with confidence! We have a two-year warranty for our products. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us.

Contractual Warranty & Tested Lifetime
Tested LifetimeAt least 6000 times
Service LifeAt least 25,000h or 3 years
Warranty24 months

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