Types of Metal Floor lamp

Metal Floor lamp

Floor lamp form TOPMB with classical design, suitable for most home decor.

While it also with a variety of styles to meet different needs.

Types of Metal Floor lamp

Benefits of Floor Lamp

  • High Quality LED Lighting Source

    High Color Rendering Index, RA>85/95, provides you with comfortable light without flicking, light glare, or shadows.

  • Flexible Adjustable

    With a soft gooseneck and adjustable light shade, a 36°light angle can easily adjust the light to where you need it.

  • A Wide Range of Light Shade

    There are different quantities and shapes of light shade, you can choose 1-3 lights tree floor lamp, or round/long light shade depending on different needs.

  • Minimalist Design

    Neat, elegant floor lamp with minimalist and modern design can be worn with any decoration, even if it is part of the decoration.

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