Read Lamp

Read Lamp

A dimmable LED reading lamp is the flagship product line of TOPMB, a leading professional reading light company. Our LED eye protection lamps are essential for enhancing productivity in any desk work. The TOPMB LED eye protection table lamp delivers bright, steady, and clear light in one direction, significantly improving visual accuracy and reducing eye strain. Perfect for reading, studying, and detailed tasks, our reading lamps are designed to provide optimal lighting for all your needs.

Types of Reading Lamps for Sale

Reading Desk Lamp

Read Lamp

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What Color Light is Best for Reading

Warm whites
Warm whites

Warm whites (2700 to 3000 K) are yellow and warm colors, This light gives a warm and cozy feeling and is usually best suited for reading in living rooms and bedrooms, for relaxation or entertainment.

Nature white
Nature white

Nature white (3100 to 4500 K) is a neutral white light range, providing a balance between warm and soft color light. Suitable for office and tasking lighting area.

Bright white
Bright white

Bright white (5100 to 6000 K) the white light is much brighter and, is intermediate between white and blue, similar to daylight, great for workplace and office, where high detail visibility is important. This light makes you more focused and find yourself feeling more awake, suitable for taking in information.


 Daylight (more than 6000 K) has a bluish hue. This light color maximizes contrast and is ideal for work, reading, or makeup.

Quality Assured of TOPMB's Reading Lamps for Sale

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Long Service Life: It has undergone at least 6,000 on and off tests and a long time aging after multiple inspection procedures, The service life can be at least 25,000 hours. You can choose us with confidence! Warranty: We have a two-year warranty for our products. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us.

Contractual Warranty & Tested Lifetime
Tested LifetimeAt least 6000 times
Service LifeAt least 25,000h or 3 years
Warranty24 months

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