Prime Quality Home Office Lamp

Prime Quality Home Office Lamp

TOPMB is focusing on home office lighting for many years and is the first company to apply the techniques of Asymmetric Optics to lamps,Hope to bring the best light to your Home.

Types of Home Office Lighting

Monitor Light Bar

Best Professional Manufactory of Monitor Light Bar. We have more patent clamps which are suitable for all kinds of Monitors and Laptops. No matter for a normal Monitor, an irregular Monitor, or a curved Monitor, you can match your display with a suitable lamp.

Working Lamp

19” - 31.5” super wide brightness LED light to change your workspace, and reduce the eye strain while improving the working/reading environment. free up your desk space. Also can use for the screen.

Piano Desk Lamp

Intelligence to the classic world. Let us mix the Modern and Classic, bringing Lovely light to the black and white key.

Read Lamp

Light brings brightness. Knowledge brings the future. How much time do your kids spend on reading and writing? The eye-caring read lamp doesn't have a flick and has more wide light cover.

Task Lamp

Task lamps are the perfect partner for your projects. The Lamp offers professional-level magnification.

Floor Lamp

TOPMB floor lamps offer a wide variety of styles and widely used, they can add color to a home's interior design or add interest to empty corners in addition to providing light.Minimalist design also can meet different home decor.

Advantages of TOPMB Home Office Led Light

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Various Home office lamp, design catch the trend of fanshion, funtions are more Intelligence

Each year we will make 80-100 new designs and will pick out 10 pcs to make the tooling and start the production. For the function, we focus on Intelligence, and app control. The technological key, wireless control ect, let customers have a better sense of experience.

Asymmetric Optics Technology Application

Asymmetric optics is a technology that uses the reflection of light to make the light source project according to the specified direction and angle. This technology can reduce the light reflected by the display screen to the eyes and the light won't cause glare. Our products use this technology, which greatly protects our eyes.

The Stric Quality Control Of Lamp

When we develop the lamp, construction safety and electronic safety are our first studies. The Stable quality testing will be done after the first samples we made. The online inspection and the Final inspection will be affected. The products will be tested by the Lab such as ITS, TUV, etc.

Various Home office lamp, design catch the trend of fanshion, funtions are more Intelligence
Asymmetric Optics Technology Application
The Stric Quality Control Of Lamp

Design Your Home Office Lighting

The widespread of COVID-19 keeps people working at home. And more and more people now are used to working remotely as full time. How to make your Home office environment comfortable, relaxable, and productive.

Today TOPMB share our useful tips for the Design of the office led light.

The Workspace With Warm And Gentle Light

Many people may think that having all light directed at their workspace is the best idea, but it is not right. With too much lighting, it will have shadows and glare that make it difficult to dip into your job. Ambient light is essential for the home office. so as they fill the workspace with warm and gentle light, the Ambient lamp should be soft, you can pick up warm colors like 3000k or 4000k, don't choose daylight as 5000k or  6000k, as the white light will make you excited but can't concentrate on your job.

For The Workspace

For the workspace, you should choose a suitable working lamp. The best working lamp should be good looking, it can match with your computer, Monitor. The good quality is the most important, the lamp should be High Lux and High Lumen. A more functional lamp is better than a simple one, the color temperate can be changed as some time you may need warm white, some time you want the daylight. The brightness can be adjusted as you can fix the brightness that you like, if it has a wireless controller will be more convenient. 

TOPMB-Providing the best Home Office Light for Eyes


The brightness of the workspace-such as the computer key area, or your working table should be high, better the light Lux get to 1000lux.   


Research from Cornell University shows that when working under Natural light can increase by 2% in productivity. Choosing the light which is close to the natural light as possible you can, the High color Rander is what you should be concerned about. The lamp used a good quality chip and their  RA>95  is the best choice for you.   


Asymmetric Optics technology application that let the light concentrate on the keyboard and paperwork and away from the computer screen to avoid glare, reduces Eye Strain. 

See Why Customers Choose TOPMB

we do business with TOPMB for a long time. They can support our best price, quick delivery, every year have new products to enlarge our range. They are professional suppliers of LED lamps. Now they do Monitor lamps, we also want to buy this kind of product from them. 

Daniel Stein from Jakob Maul GmbH
Daniel Stein from Jakob Maul GmbH

We bought led lamps from TOPMB in 2017 year, and each year we place the promotion orders, TOPMB can support us with the best delivery, never delay. Their quality is stable for many years, and our clients believe us and do more business because of TOPMB's good quality product.  

Victoria Ledyaeva from LEEK
Victoria Ledyaeva from LEEK

TOPMB's sales manager is professional and gives us the best service for any inquiry.

Joachim Kaiser from Techtronics
Joachim Kaiser from Techtronics
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