Types of Reading Desk Lamp

Reading Desk Lamp

A wider, brighter lamp that can protect your eyes when reading, there is a wide selection of reading lamps from TOPMB for you to choose from depending on different needs.

Types of Reading Desk Lamp

Benefits of Reading Desk Lamp

  • Light Source

    CRI>95, full spectrum lighting without flicking and glare, can protect your eyes and relieve eye strain.


    Several modes of color temperature and brightness to choose from, set up the reading right reading environment as you need.

  • Flexible Adjustable Light Pole

    The Angle and direction of the light can be adjusted flexibly, focus on the words you are reading, and the swing arm also lets you adjust the lighting place freely.

TOPMB's Tips to Choose Reading Desk Lamp

TOPMB's Tips to Choose Reading Desk Lamp
  • The most important thing for a reading lamp is the quality of light, there are two lighting characteristics that should be paid attention to CRI and color temperature.

TOPMB's Tips to Choose Reading Desk Lamp
  • The Color Rendering Index (CRI) measures how true colors look under a given light source. This rating is especially important for lamps, where the ability to see the contrast is essential when reading and working. Look for LEDs with high CRI>95 is better. And for the color temperature, too warm or too cool is not suitable for reading, the best reading color temperature is generally between 3500K and 6000K.

TOPMB's Tips to Choose Reading Desk Lamp
  • In addition, adjustable arms are also important, long and flexible enough that swing arms can shine where you need them and not get in your way when you don't.

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Flexible Adjustable LED Eye Care Desk Lamp Reading Lamp-PHX004D LED Eye Care Desk Lamp With Magnetic Suction Base-PHX004TA Modernist Design Eye-caring Reading Desk Lamp With Touch Control-PHX004N-D Minimalist Design Wall Lamp With Flexible Gooseneck-WD6103S Modernist Design Eye Care Wall Lamp With Toch Control-WD004 Minimalist Design Wall Lamp With Flexible Gooseneck-WD6102 LED Reading Desk Lamp With Unique Design Base-HT8208 LED Dimmale Reading Desk Lamp With Gooesneck-HT8008T Modern Design Table Lamp Minimalist LED Desk Lamp With DIM - HT8001 LED Desk Lamp Dimmable Table Lamp With 3 Color Modes 3000K-6000K - HT8230 Folding Table Lamp Dimmable Desk Lamp With CCT - HT6903 Eye Care LED Desk Lamp With Round Base Folding Arms-HT6904 LED Eye Care Desk Lamp With Modern Metal Design-HT6924N Bedside Reading Lamp With Modern Design Dimmable Desk Lamp-HT8004 Adjustable LED Table Lamp With Circle Lampshade For Reading-HT6501N Round Small LED Table Lamp With Flexible Swing Arms-HT6105 Special Base Design LED Reading Table Lamp Dimmable Desk Lamp-HT8204 Small LED Reading Lamp With Soft Adjustable Gooesneck-HT6103S LED Bedside Lamp With Simple Design On/Off For Reading-HT8237N Dimmable LED Table Lamp With Double Lampshades Reading Desk Lamp-HT6501S Double Head Dimmable Reading Lamp Desk Lamp For Office-HT8236S 4 Level Brightness Dimmable Led Desk Lamp With Cylindrical Lampshade-HT8236 LED Desk Lamp With Square Lampshade And Flexible Adjusting Arms-HT6924 Simple Design LED Table Lamp With Dimmable For Reading And Studying-HT6921N Simple LED Reading Lamp With Flexible Gooesneck - HT8237 Colorful LED Table Lamp Simple Design Desk Lamp For Reading-6102
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