Home Office Led Lighting Solution

Home Office Led Lighting Solution

Working at home is a trend, as people spend more and more time on the computer working and their desk, having the right lamp is a key element of a good working area. A monitor lamp or tasking lamp not only to lighting up your work area but also can protect your eyes.

Advantages of HOMESTARLIGHT Lights in Home Office

Advantages of HOMESTARLIGHT Lights in Home Office
  • Eye friendly, equipped with Asymmetric optics, which can protect eyes because of the angle light, reduce screen glare and blue rays from the screen, and provide the right amount of light to relieve eye strain

  • Super wide and adjustable height of the desk lamp, for lighting up more work area, also suitable for a large desk

  • Adjustable brightness and color temperature, so does the lighting direction, customize your own working style

  • The lighting can be pointed to a specific place where you need it, and let you see more clearly your handwork.

Case Study of HOMESTARLIGHT Lights in Home Office

Provide Technical Light
  • Provide a technical light to your work area while the ceiling light tends to create shadows at night.

  • Clipped to the edge of the desk or workbench, Doesn't take up valuable desktop space.

  • Light up a specific area so you can see what you're writing or reading.

  • Ultra-wide luminous surface, the choice of professionals.

Table Lamps Can Work With Floor Lamps
  1. Table lamps can work with floor lamps and ceiling lamps to set layered lighting in a room to create an overall atmosphere, Perfect for harmonizing environment, work, and decoration needs.

  2. Super wide brightness lighting your entire work area without flicking, providing you a perfect work area, easy to see what you are writing or working on, and relieving eye strain.

  3. In asymmetric optics, 45°angle light will brighten your work area while reducing screen reflection and blue light, which can protect your eyes.

  4. Stepless dimming and color temperature change, set up the lighting and working environment freely.

How to Design your Home Office Light

How to Design your Home Office Light

A desk lamp can cooperate with a floor lamp, absorb a dome lamp, and have natural light to use, you can set up different lighting "scenes" according to different moods, times of day, and usage needs. spotlighting where you need to give more light, especially the work area, and reduce the shadow.

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