80cm super bright eye care working lamp

This lamp can not only for single screens in different size and shapes, but also suitable for double screen or multi screen.

The high quality light is the heart of a lamp.

High quality light - This monitor lamp with full spectrum glare free light with high Color rendering index (CRI>95), is very close to sunlight, and can restore the original color of the object very well.


High bright - At the same time, the center brightness achieved 2500lux,bright enough for working or reading. 80cm super wide lampshade provide a wide light to cover full 1.2m wide desk evenly.


Unique patented technology - Special asymmetric optics let the light only bright up the working area without shiny your eyes, also can reduce the screen reflection. This is a patented technology from TOPMB factory.


A good lamp is important for working and reading, a bright and soft desk monitor light also can protect your eyes from Shortsighted.

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