A good lamp to change your working area

I can say it's a best lamp for my desk until now.

Sometimes we have to working at home,a bright and calm environment is needed for better working and reading.

There are not only a ceiling light is required in reading room, but also need a table lamp to bright up the desk and working area.

TOPMB'S eye care working lamp, with super wide lampshade, let full desk coverage evenly.

The special angle light only illuminate the working area without any screen reflection, let you can focus on your work.

Stepless and 4 modes light color temperature to choose a best light to meet your need. Usually, 6000K cold light is better for work while 3000K warm light is better for relax.

Also, the design of the minimalist task lamp can meet most home decor. While the clip doesn't take too much desk space.

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