Are You Really Need a Monitor Light Bar?

I bought the light bar for few months, and many friends asked me: does it Is it necessary to have a monitor light bar? Does it really work as advertised?

My answer is: YES, INDEED.

There are so many kinds of monitor light bar on market for you to choose, from dozen to hundreds,it’s OK for you to choose a cheap one if you are work less with computer.

But if you are usually working at night or heavy computer user,you need a profession one,like TOPMB.

TOPMB’s monitor lamp have asymmetric optics, the special angle light cover my desk evenly without any screen reflections to disturb my eyes. I can’t see the light source when I concentrate on my screen, It’s really reduce my eyes strain!

And the auto-dimming is really useful, I don’t have to adjust the light when the environment is changed or re-open the light!

I’d like to recommend the lamps to everyone!

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