Computer monitor lamp - Free up your desk space

There are always too many things on our desk, the keyboard, mouse, cup......Of course we need a desk lamp to balance the light or create a comfortable atmosphere.

This monitor screen light bar from TOPMB can mounted on the screen display, and powered by USB/type C wire, can free up your desk space and let your desk much more clearly.

The asymmetric optics provide a 45°angle light, only illuminate the desk,can reduce screen reflection.And also no light to your eyes directly to hurt your eyes.

The Illumination of this lamp is higher than 750lux in 50cm height, is bright enough for reading or working.

The auto-dimming let the light change the brightness automatically according to the change of ambient light and dark, free up your hands.

Here are also a variety kinds of size and option for you to choose in TOPMB to meet screen in different size and shape.

The computer lamp is really an ideal for computer user!

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