Computer Screen Hanging Lamp: The Gospel Of Screen Workers

It is not uncommon for screen workers to work late at night in front of computer screens. Some people are ostensibly off duty. In fact, when they go home, they are still coding text in front of the computer screen. For them, the computer hanging lamp is undoubtedly a comfort in the late night.

Experienced people know that if the ceiling light source is used for lighting, it will not only cause the screen reflection, but also waste part of the light (lighting objects unrelated to the desktop), and the lighting efficiency is low. For desk lamps, it is difficult to ensure that the light will not shine on the computer screen while illuminating the desktop, and the reflection of the screen is inevitable. In addition, the table lamp itself will occupy part of the desktop space. It is a loss to buy a desk lamp as a tool to supplement the screen.

In order to supplement the light of the computer screen, it is also necessary to customize the computer hanging lamp for the display, which is the only professional screen eye protection lamp on the market. It adopts the patented asymmetric light type. The light does not shine on the screen, but only on the desktop, reflecting 89.8% more than the traditional symmetric light source. During use, the eyes obviously feel more comfortable.

By controlling the light, the computer hanging lamp guides all the light to the desktop, making full use of each beam of light, and the lighting efficiency is very high. In addition, because of its combined curvature control patent, the computer screen hanging lamp can greatly reduce screen reflectivity. In short, this patent can improve the reflectivity of light and reduce excess stray light. In short, it is very powerful.

A computer hanging lamp, a professional computer screen hanging lamp, not only achieves this in light control but also is unique in light design, creating a uniform and soft pure backlight. Lighting in front of the screen is not enough, but also in the back of the screen, can reduce the brightness difference of the light in the line of sight, reduce the contrast glare, and achieve the purpose of healthy use of the eyes.

Before opening, the headlamp illuminates the desktop, and at the same time, the light behind is projected upward, left, and right through the special high-definition soft light lampshade (inverted U-type three-way lighting patent), forming more comfortable and uniform light on the wall, balancing the brightness difference between the front and rear of the display within 3:1, reducing glare interference and protecting the eyes. The front and rear lights are in double open mode. When the screen workers use it, their eyes are not easy to feel tired and their work efficiency is higher.

With the computer hanging lamp, even if you work late at night, your eyes can be relaxed and it is easier to focus on one thing.

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