Day and night in piano classroom

When learn to play piano, a bright light which can illuminate each key on the piano and the music sheet is necessary. Especially for beginner.


This professional piano lamp from TOPMB with wide lampshade, let you read the sheet clearly,no glare nor flicking, the uniform light can reduce your eye strain when you have a long lesson and practice.


Clip design special for the grand piano and the the remote control let you control the light much more easily.


The height and the direction of the upright piano lamps is adjustable by metal swing arms, you can adjust it to meet players in different height and age.


Also, the auto-dimming can adjust the brightness automatically according to the environment,you can enjoy the music and do not have to change the light.


2700K-6500K warm to cold light can set up a music atmosphere for freely to meet different needs.

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