How to Choose Lamps for Study Room?

The study room is the place where people work and study, and it is also the place that consumes the most eyes. Therefore, we must pay attention to the choice of lamps, which should not only be comfortable and beautiful, but also take into account the acceptance of people's vision. Pay special attention to the following points:

1. The first thing to consider in the selection of lamps for study room is that the lights should not be too gorgeous, and soft study lights can not only meet the above requirements, but also create a warm atmosphere.

2. The decorative effect of the lamp for study room should not be underestimated. The decorative effect will affect our work and study mood to a certain extent. Comfortable and natural light and sufficient light sources bring us a quiet and nourishing work and study space. Of course, there will be different feelings, different moods and different levels of enjoyment.

3. The choice of study room led lights can be more distinctive. You can choose according to the work you are engaged in, or your interests and hobbies. In this way, it may give you unique imagination and innovation ability at certain times, which is a little more novel. Of course, it must be in harmony with the environment of the study to be more comfortable.

4. In terms of light in the study room, the lighting in the study room is generally direct lighting or semi-direct lighting. At this time, we have to find a good angle. Generally, the top of the left shoulder is the most suitable position. Generally, a desk lamp with relatively high brightness but not dazzling is placed in front of the desk. At this time, soft white light is the best choice for lighting fixtures, so as not to cause visual fatigue and achieve the best use effect.

5. The shape of the lamp for study room should be round, not three-pointed and octagonal; it is recommended to choose a lamp with a round shape, so that the readers can spring up their ideas and get twice the result with half the effort. On the contrary, if you choose too angular, three-pointed and octagonal lighting, it will easily hinder the reader's spirit and thinking, and it will also easily cause damage to the reader's head. Therefore, it is not allowed to place sharp and sharp lighting in the study.

There are many details to pay attention to in the selection of lamps for study room. If some details are not handled well, the actual effect in the study will also have a great impact. At the same time, the overall effect of lighting on a study is also great. The study lighting must carefully selected, it can meet the actual needs of the study and create a better atmosphere for the study.

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