How To Choose Office Lamp

There are a lot of office desk lamps in the market. In order to attract the attention of consumers, some manufacturers have also launched innovative office desk lamps with various light sources. So how to buy office desk lamps?

1. No flicker:

"No flicker" is the minimum requirement for office desk lamps. Fluorescent eye protection lamps sold in the market generally come with a flicker test gyro. When the gyro is rotated under the light, the gyro boundary presents a clear and stable pattern.

2. Color temperature:

Please buy yellow and white lamps instead of blue and white lamps. Blue and white light is harmful to human eyes, while light yellow and white light is suitable for reading and writing. As an office desk lamp, the color temperature is between 5000-5500, which is suitable for the light environment of our eyes. Therefore, you should consider this factor when choosing. Not as recommended by some businesses, the whiter the brighter the better!

3. Explicit:

Color rendering is an important requirement for office desk lamps. If the color rendering of the light is poor, it is difficult for the subject to restore its original color. The simplest inspection method is to use the blood red of the palm to check the color rendering of the lamp. Under the light, the blood red of the palm is bright. If there is no blood color, the color rendering is poor.

4. Power:

Generally speaking, the power of the office desk lamp is between 9W and 18W, which can meet the requirements of desktop reading and writing lighting. When the ambient brightness is low, a 9W office desk lamp can be used; It is enough to use an 18W desk lamp in an environment with high brightness.

5. Whether the light has been softened:

Because the LED light source is a point light source like a lamp bead, the LED module light source with multiple lamp beads arranged together must be softened. Otherwise, the light angles of the lamp beads overlap, which will cause uneven light, which is a serious disturbance to our vision.

6. Height of desk lamp:

As an office desk lamp, it should not be too high or too low, and the appropriate range is 35-50cm. The more the contacts of the lamp stand, the more expensive the sales price and easy to damage.

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