Lighting up your working area-eye care working lamp

For people who often working at night, They may have this problem:

The dark ambient

The top light brings shadows on working area

Screen reflection when computer work

Headaches and eye strain


All of us need a right lamp for working station or home office, as a good light can not only improve your productivity and health, but also can make your working space more inviting and comfortable.

Topmb-as one of the desk lamp manufacturers, our working lamp can provide you a wide and bright light, which cover a table up to 1.6 meters wide evenly.

Stepless dimming from 10%-100% let you freely choosing a right brightness to meet your need, while the color temperature can change from 3000K warm light to 6500K cold light.usually the natural light is best for working.

A big reason people choose this lamp is the Special Luminescence technique, which obtained US,European and Chinese patent. The 45°angle light only reach to work area, can reduce screen reflection and no light hit your eyes as well.

The soft rubber gooesneck let you freely to adjust the lamp height and direction,easily focus on your handing work,

No matter what light you need, topmb’s always can satisfy you.

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