Professional Piano lamp in our studio, Special for the grand piano

The piano is a popular instrument all over the world, As more and more children would like to Learn to play the piano, and concerned about visual health,We are also constantly upgrading the equipment of the classroom.


There are a various kinds of piano lamps on the market, but less special for the grand pianos.We have used regular floor lamp and table lamp before, but the placement is not inconvenient and the effect is not satisfactory as well.


So when I saw this lamp I think: Yes, It is what I want!

I decided to try it and it didn’t let me done!


Equipped with a wireless remote,It looks very advanced and easy to control at hand.

The wide lampshade can illuminate whole 88keys and the music sheet,without glare and polish reflection.

Awing arms let it easy to adjust the light angle freely to meet the needs of users of different heights

Stepless dimming and color temperature,let you to adjust the light as you like, no matter warm or cold, bright or dim.

Intelligent ambient photosensitivity technology can automatically adjust the light according to the environment.


If you have the grand piano at home or have a piano school, I really recommend this lamps, you can find a different atmosphere when playing piano.

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