The best gift for piano players

Piano lamp is specially designed for different kinds of piano. To protect players eyes from glare damage or reading under the dim light.

Although there is no evidence that reading in dim light worsens eye vision,but in order to bring more light in dark space, our pupils will expend,which can easily cause eye fatigue.

As most piano are put in the dark corner of the room,we need a lamp to light up the keys and music sheet.

This clip piano lamp is special designed for the grand piano, which can clamp on the music stand.

When the child look at music sheet or practice piano for a long time, their eyes will feel tired, and this wide piano lamp are not same as usual one.It can lighting up full 88 keys and the music sheet as well, also without glare,let your children read the sheet easily and reduce the eye strain.

The metal swing arms let you to adjust the height of the light freely to meet players in different height.Let no light directly hurt the player's eyes.

And a wireless remote is equipped, let you control the light at hand.from 3000K-6500K warm light to cold light.

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