To Create a right reading environment for children

As we all know, A good reading environment can not only protect children's eyesight, but also keep children interested in reading.

And a right lamp is a really important part in reading room,which can bring a bright light and reduce children's eye strain.

The reading lamp from TOPMB is different from others.

It is really wide to cover full my desk while also bright enough for reading.The Central illumination up to 2300 lux while the edge illumination is 500lux.

And here are some reasons I chose this lamp:

  • Design:  The minimalist design can meet any room decorations.

  • CRI:  The color rendering index is the reducibility of the light, and the closer it is to the sun, the better the light is. The CRI for this lamp > 95, it is really a high data.

  • lllumination uniformity: This lamp can bright

  • No Blue light: The lamp from TOPMB is conform to IEC 62778, and the Blue light exemption class of this lamp is RG0.it means this lamps is a eye friendly lamp which won’t hurt your eyes.

  • Function: Stepless DIM and CCT, can adjust the brightness and color temperature freely.

  • Flat base: It doesn't take up much desktop space and also can easily to move to anywhere you want.


TOPMB is the first manufacturer to equipped asymmetric optics in a table lamp, and have proven technology in it.

The Special 45°angle light, only illuminate the reading area without any light direct to people’s eyes. Really good for home reading and any home activity.


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