What are the important parameters of LED intelligent desk lamp?

Topmb, one of the desk lamp suppliers, shares with you the main parameters of the LED smart desk lamp, namely the following 10 aspects.

1. Colour temperature of the LED smart desk lamp.

Conventional colour temperature: warm white light (WW) 2700-3200k, natural light (NW) 4000-4500K, positive white light (PW) 6000-6500K, etc..

2, the power of LED intelligent desk lamp.

LED table lamp power is usually below 12W, some larger or wider lighting range of table lamps, will reach about 16-20W power.

Low power desk lamp to meet the needs of desktop lighting at the same time, will be safer, but also more environmentally friendly, in line with energy efficiency requirements.

3, LED intelligent desk lamp voltage and current.

Commonly used voltages are 12v, 110v, 220v, 85v-265V. The current has a great impact on the light attenuation of the LED lamp, so the stability of the current is also important. Current and voltage should not be given too large a value, otherwise it will seriously affect the service life of the LED smart table lamp.

4, LED intelligent desk lamp lamp beads light efficiency

At present, the domestic use of China Taiwan chip lamp beads luminous efficiency in the basic 100-130Lm / W up and down.

5, LED intelligent desk lamp luminous flux.

Luminous flux is mainly determined by the light effect and power of the LED.

6, LED intelligent desk lamp desktop illumination requirements.

Table lamp irradiation in the work area should be 250lx-500lx, low illumination should be ≥ 120lx.

7, LED intelligent desk lamp light failure.

Light decay in layman's terms, is the bulb lamp in use with a certain working time, the brightness fell a how much. The main factors affecting the led light decay is heat dissipation and current. Current is not smooth, heat dissipation effect is poor, light decay will be very serious.

8, LED intelligent desk lamp colour difference.

Chromatic aberration is the inconsistency of colour temperature, generally warm white light (2700-3200k) will take into account the chromatic aberration question. Warm white light is because we usually say yellow light ourselves.

9, LED intelligent desk lamp colour rendering.

The degree of colour rendering of the light source to the object itself is called colour rendering, i.e. colour fidelity. The International Commission on Illumination CIE the sun's colour rendering index is set at 100, can correctly express the original colour of the material need to use the colour rendering index (Ra) high light source, the closer the value of 100, the better the colour rendering.

There are extremely bright objects in the field of vision or strong brightness contrast, it can lead to visual discomfort called glare, glare is a pivotal factor affecting the quality of lighting.

10, the service life of LED intelligent table lamps.

LED lamps usually have a service life of more than 50,000 hours, and LEDs are durable because they do not cause problems with filament fusion. Light-emitting diodes do not stop working, but degrade over time.

Heat is the main problematic cause of LEDs ceasing to function in production. To extend the life of LEDs, the heat that can be generated by the LED chip must be constantly reduced or dispersed.

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