What Type of Light is Good for the Eyes in Office Lighting?

The lighting of office space usually depends on the needs of office functions. While making full use of natural light, artificial lighting is combined to maintain a stable, reasonable, comfortable and healthy light environment. So, what kind of light is good for the eyes in office lighting? Let's explore together.

Artificial lighting should not only meet the illumination requirements, but also have uniform illumination, reduce the flicker effect and glare of lights to reduce the fatigue level of office staff's vision.

Selection of office LED light:

The office generally uses LED panel lights for lighting, which mainly adopts unique optical design. The light forms a uniform plane lighting effect after passing through the light guide plate. There are no dark areas, and the illumination uniformity is good. The light is soft, comfortable and not too bright. It can effectively relieve eye fatigue. It has a high-quality constant-current drive power supply with a conversion efficiency of over 95%. Low power consumption makes the light efficiency higher. Without flicker or glare, it is a good light suitable for office lighting.

Methods for selecting office LED light:

Open office

An open office is generally used for technical offices in customer service centers. This type of lighting space is relatively large, so lighting should be comprehensive and as uniform as possible for all spaces, so that all workstations can receive sufficient lighting for efficient work. In this type of lighting space, LED flat panel lights or LED daylight lights can be used.

Compartmentalized offices

Compartmentalized offices, such as manager's offices, pay more attention to taste and personality. The office generally places some high-end furniture, artworks or other decorations.

In this type of lighting space, which is mainly for conversation, the illumination above the office desk should meet the minimum of 300 LX, while the reception area requires a illumination of 200 LX.

Therefore, in selecting office LED light, 3W or 5W LED cylinder lights or LED spot lights can be chosen. If there is a ceiling, a high-power LED light strip can be installed on the ceiling.


The lighting of office corridors is generally controlled at around 200 LX. In selecting office LED light, LED cylinder lights, LED light strips or LED ceiling lights can be chosen. Avoid using flat reflectors.

Rest and reception rooms

Rest and reception rooms are like the "business card" of the company, making people feel comfortable and relaxed. Therefore, in selecting lighting fixtures, creating a soothing atmosphere should be the priority. LED cylinder lights or LED ceiling lights can be used.

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