How to Choose Home LED Light?

LED lights are becoming increasingly popular among consumers due to their energy-saving and environmentally friendly features. Now many people in households will purchase LED lights. Do you know how to choose home LED lights? What are the advantages of LED lights? After learning about these, perhaps you can buy a practical LED light.

Advantages of home LED light for lighting

  • High brightness and energy-saving: Using only one degree of electricity in 1000 hours under the same brightness, while ordinary lighting takes about 15 hours to use one degree of electricity.

  • Compared with ordinary lighting, it can be illuminated quickly when the power is turned on, unlike ordinary lighting that slowly becomes brighter. Moreover, home LED lights have a long service life.

  • The light emitted by home LED lights does not contain ultraviolet rays, and the material does not contain hazardous substances such as mercury, which can be recycled and does not harm our health.

Selection of home LED light for lighting

  • Luminous efficiency: The higher the luminous efficiency, the more electricity is saved. It is generally recommended that the luminous efficiency of home LED lights should be higher than 80 LM/W, which is at the stage of growth. The higher the value is, the more electricity is saved.

  • Color rendering index: The color rendering index reflects the authenticity of the color of the object after being illuminated by light. The current LED light standard for the color rendering index is greater than 75, and it is best to choose 80 or above. If there is a studio in the home, you can choose light bulbs with a high color rendering index, which can better reflect the authenticity of the color.

  • Color temperature selection: For different environments, different color temperature home LED lights can be selected for lighting. The color temperature range is 2800~6600K. The smaller the value, the more yellow light is biased, and vice versa is biased towards blue and white light. Yellow light is more suitable for bedrooms, living rooms and other occasions to create a warm and comfortable feeling. White light is brighter and clearer, more suitable for study, kitchen, etc.

  • Product quality: Home LED light mainly consist of three major components: the shell component, driving power supply, and LED. Because LED lights generate a lot of heat, it is best to choose a shell with good heat dissipation. In addition, the power factor of the driving power supply should be 0.9 or above, and the LED chip directly determines the brightness and decay of the light source.

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