How to Choose the Desk Lamp Correctly?

In recent years, the younger age and depth of myopia in children have become a headache for many parents. According to reports, there are currently more than 400 million myopia patients in China, among which the incidence of myopia among teenagers in the "hardest hit areas" has reached 50%-60%.

In addition to the usual eye hygiene and genetic factors, the triggering of myopia is also closely related to the light, and many students often have to read at night with lamps, and many parents want to buy eye protection lamps for their children in order to protect their eyesight.

Now all kinds of table lamps are full of incandescent lamps, eye protection lamps, and LED table lamps, and the prices vary widely, from thirty or forty yuan to one or two thousand yuan. In fact, we must first figure out what we need? What we need is a desk lamp that can be used for studying and reading, in order to protect the eyes from damage. Let's take a look at the comparison of several types of desk lamps:

1. Desk lamp incandescent lamp:

Incandescent lamps tend to be yellowish in terms of light, and the brightness is generally insufficient. Desk lamp bulbs flicker more seriously and generate a lot of heat, especially in sultry summer, which can easily make people feel irritable.

2. Table lamp traditional eye protection lamp:

A good eye protection lamp uses three primary color bulbs, using phosphor powder, the current excites the phosphor powder, and then emits bright light. The difference between tricolor bulbs and ordinary energy-saving lamps is that the material and formula of the phosphor are different, so the radiated light will also be different, the color reproduction will be better than ordinary energy-saving lamps, and the brightness will be higher, the light is softer.

But this is not enough to achieve the purpose of eye protection. It is necessary to increase the current frequency to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of Hz through high-frequency electronic rectifiers, and the flickering of lights will reach tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of times per second. It is difficult to recognize the flicker with the naked eye, so it is called no flicker. In fact, there is still flicker, but the flicker is faster and cannot be recognized by the human eye.

3. LED desk lamp:

The LED desk lamp uses LED semiconductor light source. The characteristics of the semiconductor light source determine that it must use direct current to work, which fundamentally eliminates stroboscopic and radiation, and the spectrum of the LED light source is also considered to be the closest to natural light.

Human beings spend half of their time in the sun every day, so they are very adapted to the sun's rays, so the closer the light is to the sun's light, the better for our human body.

So to sum up, it is better to choose an LED desk lamp when conditions permit.

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