How to Choose Reading and Learning Desk Lamp?

A good desk lamp can often improve readers' enthusiasm for reading and learning. However, the quality of desk lamps is uneven, and it takes a lot of time and money to buy a satisfactory one. So, what problems can a bad desk lamp cause? How can I choose the right desk lamp?

Many desk lamps on the market use ordinary LEDs as the light source. Although they claim to have a high color rendering index, no blue light hazard, and no flicker, if they are used as reading desk lamps, their spectral components are still far behind the natural spectrum.

In addition, due to the small size and high brightness of LED light sources, the requirements for anti-glare measures for LED desk work lamps are relatively high. If the light angle is not carefully selected, and anti-glare measures such as grilles and lenses are adopted, direct glare may occur, which not only causes glare, but also reduces visual function, which is not conducive to reading. Therefore, when choosing led desk work lamps, we must pay attention to the following points:

1. National certification requirements for led desk work lamps:

The study desk lamp must pass the national compulsory 3C certification and be within the validity period;

2. The led desk work lamp adopts warm white light source:

The color temperature is 3000-4000K. From the perspective of visual physiology, the warm white light source is most in line with the visual physiological needs of the human eye;

3. The led desk wrok lamp sees the light but does not see the light:

The light should not shine directly or refract the eyes, and strictly eliminate glare.

The simple test method is as follows: when the height of the eyes from the reading and writing table is 400mm, and the horizontal distance from the center of the light source of the desk lamp is 600mm, the direct or refracted light in the lampshade of the desk lamp should not be seen;

4. Desk light intensity detection:

The best visual light environment is when the illuminance at the height of 400mm from the center of the light source to the reading and writing desk is 750-1000 Lx;

5. A simple test for the clarity and color reproduction of led desk wrok lamps:

Stretch out your palm with the palm up, and place it 30 cm under the light of the desk lamp. If you observe clear lines on the palm and ruddy fingers on the palm, it means that the color of the desk light is clear and the color reproduction is good; The lamp light is poor. It is best to buy a desk lamp with a color rendering index Ra of 97 or more, and its clarity is much higher than 95% of ordinary desk lamps on the market.

6. Selection of the power source of the led desk lamp:

Some information claims that LED desk lamps are most suitable when they have the same brightness as 25-40 watt incandescent desk lamps, but it is not appropriate.

After actual measurement, when the height of the light source center is 400mm from the reading and writing table, the illuminance of the 25W incandescent lamp is only 220Lx, and the illuminance of the 40W incandescent lamp is only 350Lx; even if the height is reduced to 300mm, the illuminance of the 25W incandescent lamp is only 330Lx, The 40-watt incandescent lamp is 550Lx, which does not meet the minimum standard of 750Lx for the best visual light environment.

7. The learning desk lamp should have a certain height:

At this time, the lighting surface is large and uniform, and the illuminance at a distance of 40 cm from the desktop should not be lower than 750 Lx; the stand of the desk lamp should also have a certain length, which is easy to stretch and shrink, and is suitable for computer operations, drawing and calligraphy, and learning to play the piano. use.

In fact, it is somewhat difficult to find LED desk lamps that meet all the above requirements in the market. Creating a good lighting environment is very important for family reading and learning.

When purchasing a desk lamp, you must carefully check it. If the light color is white and dazzling, or the light color is dim, and the illumination is not standardized, it is not suitable as a home study light source.

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