Is Professional Piano Lamp a Gimmick?

Of course not.

Practicing the piano requires reading not only the score but also the keys, so you need a lamp with special light design, a good piano light have follows advantages:

  • provide sufficient and high-quality light

  • Reduce eye fatigue, better protect the Eyesight

  • Focus your attention and greatly improve the efficiency of piano practice

  • Let you immerse yourself in the music, enjoy the music more relaxed and comfortable

Piano Lamp

There are a wide kinds of piano lights on the market, how to choose a right lamp for upright piano?

Pay attention to these tips:

Professional high quality Light type > Even Lighting > Sufficient Lighting > Light Safety > Smart Functions

Piano Lamp

Professional light:

High quality light type:

  • Light that is too diffuse or too focused is prone to glare and reflections. High quality light is anti-glare and have special angle design which can only lighting up the music area without light reflections or direct hit your eyes.

    Even lighting:

  • Lamps with small luminous surface only can lighting up a small area in front of you instead of all the keys, and there is a clear light-dark junction on the keys. A lamp with suitable width can cover both the whole 88 keys and music sheet evenly.

  • Lights without flicking is also important for us to enjoy the music. A blinking lights can seriously affect our mood and our eyes.

  • Regular lamp sometimes will cause shadows and ghosting which will interfere with playing.But a professional lamp can provide a calm light that without hands shadow.

    Sufficient lighting:

  • The lamp need to bright enough for people to see the music sheet and keys. We can evaluate the brightness of the lamp from the illuminance(Lux). For example, the illuminance of TOPMB’s piano lamp on 40cm height can reach to 2000lux, when many lamps are on 1000lux in same height.

  • Color rendering index: The higher the CRI is, the more realistic the effect of restoring the true color of the object, but at the same time the brightness will be relatively reduced. A good lamp needs to balance brightness and display, the CRI of many lamps only can reach to 80 while ensuring the brightness.

    Light safety:

  • Blu-ray exemption: Blue light will increase the amount of toxins in the macular area of the eye, seriously threatening our eye health, A lamp with Blu-ray exemption can reduce eye strain and protect our eyes.

  • The stability of the table lamp is very important, Proper weighting and damping allow you to adjust the light freely and do not hurt both the player and the piano.

    Smart function: let the lamp much more Convenience and Advanced

  • Have a wireless remote will let things much easier when change the light, especially for the grand piano lamp led.

  • Time, the light will automatically turn off after few hours.to remind you to take a break after a long time practise, or turn off automatically when you in hurry or forget it.

  • Some other function...

Piano Lamp

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