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As soon as the school starts, parents will face various "soul torture". For example, when it comes to the phenomenon of myopia deepening in children every year, parents will be very entangled in what education work they should do? Is it necessary to buy a desk lamp? What is an eye protection desk lamp?

1. If the child does homework and turns on the desk lamp, do we still need to turn on the headlights indoors?

Dear parents, this electricity bill is really unavoidable. When using the desk lamp at night, please be sure to turn on the main light in the house, at least so that the light of the surrounding environment and the light of the desk lamp will not form a large difference in brightness and darkness.

If a child only has a desk lamp when doing homework, and the surroundings are pitch black, the adjustment system of the eyes will be in a tense state where they can only see close up for a long time, and they are prone to fatigue, which in turn hurts the child's eyes.

2. What is the difference between A-level and AA-level desk lamps?

If the illumination of the desk lamp is not enough, it will affect the user's eyesight, and the concentration will not be concentrated. The country has clear standards for eye protection lamps. China's A-level is up to the standard, and AA-level has a high standard. It is required that the illuminance should reach 300LX within 50cm from the core area of the light, and at least 500LX within 30cm from the core area of the light.

3. Is it so important to prevent blue light from desk lamps?

certainly! Blue light can penetrate the lens of the eye and reach the retina, causing cell damage, leading to macular degeneration and vision loss. Its energy is light with a wavelength of 450nm-470nm, which is also the unique wavelength of blue light in LED lights. If we partially block the blue light when it is emitted from the lampshade, the damage to the eyes caused by blue light can be greatly reduced.

When purchasing, please give priority to big brands. Professional lighting and eye protection lamps can filter out blue light and reduce damage to eyes.

4. The heavier the desk lamp material, the better?

If it is pure gold, of course the heavier the better. In fact, when choosing a desk lamp, you must refer to various factors comprehensively, and you cannot mention a single detail.

Desk lamps are mainly local supplementary lighting, which is convenient for reading, studying, and working in an environment with insufficient light. The material is only a part of a desk lamp. As for the design, brightness, and harmony with the overall environment, everyone should pay attention of.

5. How to adjust the brightness of the desk lamp properly?

First of all, if it is a good desk lamp. The light should be comfortable, not dazzling, not dazzling, and have a certain degree of shading. Secondly, the brightness of the light has to be uniform. As for white light, warm light can be determined according to the specific situation. White light belongs to the cool tone and is suitable for the office, and orange light belongs to the warm tone and is suitable for the bedroom.

The most ideal is to choose an eye-protecting desk lamp with intelligent dimming. In the automatic mode, it can actively detect the brightness of the surrounding environment, and automatically adjust the light as the ambient brightness changes, creating an exclusive learning environment for children!

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