What Factors Should Be Considered When Choosing A Computer Hanging Lamp

With the popularity of intelligent devices, we have entered the era of screen reading. Whether facing the computer screen or the mobile phone screen, more comfortable lighting can bring a better viewing experience, so the computer hanging lamp is produced.

As an important light source in the desktop work area, the computer hanging lamp saves space and helps balance the light in the line of sight, which is deeply loved by young people. However, many people are still in the knowledge blind area in the computer hanging lamp. So, what factors do we need to consider when choosing the computer hanging lamp, which is also known as a desk monitor light?

1. Light quality

Whether it is building lighting or reading and writing desk lamps, there are corresponding national standards and regulations in lighting. As a branch of the reading and writing desk lamp, the computer hanging lamp hopes to protect the eyes. In terms of light, it shall at least meet the standard of no blue light and no stroboscopic hazard; When choosing the computer hanging lamp, you can pay attention to whether the product has passed the special authority certification to reduce the harm of blue light and stroboscopic light caused by light.

2. Light filling

ANSI (American National Standards Institute) research shows that the upper limit of office brightness difference is: (1) between paper tasks and adjacent computer screens: 3:1 or 1:3; (2) Between task and adjacent environment: 3:1 or 1:3.

In short, it is necessary to balance the brightness comparison in the line of sight in order to have a more comfortable eye environment. Therefore, you can choose the computer hanging lamp. The angled light illuminates the work area and the light is soft and stable without glare. It can also solve the visual fatigue caused by the shadow caused by the ceiling lamp.

3. Nonreflective

For computer hanging lamps, the asymmetric light sources can be said to be the most core design. This design can effectively avoid the reflection caused by the light on the screen, so that the light can be accurately projected on the lower desktop without irradiating the light on the screen, resulting in confusion of reflection. Avoiding reflection is the source of computer hanging lamp demand.

In the light source design, some products in the market adopt the upgraded combined curvature reflection optics, which improves the effect of reducing screen glare and improves the light uniformity on the basis of ordinary asymmetric light type.

4. Sufficient brightness

The illumination of an ordinary office shall be 300lux, and that of a high-grade office shall be 500lux. Therefore, when selecting the computer hanging lamp, the brightness should be at least 300lux. If conditions permit, it is better to choose more than 500lux.

5. Brightness adjustable

Most eye protection table lamps on the market can adjust the brightness, so the brightness of the hanging lamp should also be adjusted. The computer hanging lamp products on the market can not only adjust the brightness but also intelligently adjust the brightness in real-time according to the change of the ambient light. This computer screen lamp holder has a built-in ambient light sensor to monitor the change of ambient brightness in real-time and intelligently supplement the brightness.

6. The color temperature can be adjusted

The color temperature adjustment range is wide, 3000k-65000k, from warm yellow light to blue-white light. The screen hanging lamp can freely adjust the color temperature according to the user's use needs and preferences, balance the light, and meet different needs. If you want to know more, please contact topmb. In adiition to the product above, we also provide manicure table lamp light, piano lamp for upright piano and so on.

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