What is the Suitable Wattage for Home LED Light Bulbs?

Lighting fixtures are essential items in every household. They not only bring light to us but also enhance the decoration level. Nowadays, many people choose home LED light bulbs, which are more energy-saving and durable.

Home LED light bulbs are available in different wattages. So, what wattage is generally suitable for home LED light bulbs? What are the characteristics of home LED light bulbs? Next, we, one of the established home lamp manufacturers, will introduce relevant content to everyone. Let's take a look together.

What wattage of home LED light bulbs is more suitable?

It depends on the indoor area. For example, for a bedroom which is relatively small, you can choose between 10 watts to 15 watts. If the bedroom area is about 10 square meters, you can choose home LED light bulbs of about 10 watts. For a larger living room, you can choose between 30 watts to 50 watts.

What are the characteristics of home LED light bulbs?

Home LED light bulbs have a very wide range of applications and perfectly replace traditional light sources. They are products that are currently popular in the market. The volume of home LED light bulbs is relatively small, the texture is light, easy to transport and store, and it is basically a small chip encapsulated in epoxy resin.

Home LED light bulbs are also very energy-saving, which can reduce electricity consumption. Its operating voltage is generally 2 volts to 3.6 volts, and its operating current is 0.02 amps to 0.03 amps. The electricity consumed will not exceed 0.1 watts.

In addition, home LED light bulbs have a long service life. If the current and voltage are suitable, they can be used for about 100,000 hours.

How to choose home LED light bulbs?

First of all, you need to choose qualified products, see if there are qualified certifications, and check for safety certification marks.

Secondly, check whether the labeling of home LED light bulb products is complete, and whether the outer packaging has a clear imprint of the manufacturer's address, contact information, product specifications, etc. Do not be tempted by cheap prices to choose some inferior products.

In addition, check whether the chip orientation of the home LED light bulb product is accurate or worn, and observe whether the live components of the luminaire are exposed.

Above are the relevant content about the suitable wattage and characteristics of home LED light bulbs that we introduce to everyone. We hope it can help some friends in need.

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