Why Buy A Piano Lamp Rather Than A Table Lamp

1. Piano lamp overview

A piano lamp is a lamp specially used for Piano lighting. The light can evenly illuminate the piano score, covering 88 keys. The light can reach the standard of book reading, without generating extra light and reducing glare on the bright side of the piano. There should be no direct light in the eyes of the violinist. According to the form of piano, there are three types of piano lights: vertical piano, grand piano, and electronic piano. No matter what structure the piano lamp is, it should be stably standing or installed on the piano to avoid abnormal sound caused by vibration during playing.

2. Precautions for purchase of piano lamp

Select professional lamps and lanterns. Professional lamps and lanterns are guaranteed light quality. Professional piano lamps are products with a hidden light source design and the shading angle is precisely calculated to meet the needs of piano lighting. If you purchase through formal channels, you should choose 3C-certified products, and also pass the EU blue light hazard certification, the international IEEE stroboscopic certification, and the human electromagnetic radiation standard certification. At the same time, we should pay attention to the selection of brands and choose brands with guaranteed after-sales service.

3. Necessity of piano lamp

Like reading, writing, and watching TV, the brightness of the piano is very important. When children are practicing the piano (especially in the early stage), they usually stare at the score to see the notes and turn to the keys to see the fingering. Their eyes will frequently switch back and forth between the score and the keys. Fast switching itself can easily lead to eyestrain, and the staff and notes are tired. Most children practice the piano in the afternoon or evening after school, and the indoor light is dim. In this case, practicing the piano for another hour or two is more likely to lead to eyestrain and eyesight loss. And eye fatigue can easily lead to mental fatigue. In addition, for many children, playing the piano is a boring process, and the effect of playing the piano is greatly reduced.

4. Disadvantages of ordinary desk lamp

1. Insufficient illumination range

Generally, the desk lamp is designed for horizontal lighting. If it is used on the piano, the light will converge on the top of the score, and the score cannot be uniformly illuminated and the keys cannot be illuminated.

2. Eye discomfort

Ordinary desk lamps may cause glare on the bright side of the piano, or direct light to the eyes of the piano player may cause discomfort.

3. Insufficient stability

Ordinary desk lamps cannot stand stably or be installed on the piano. They may topple or cause abnormal sounds due to vibration when playing.

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