Pay Attention to These Matters when Using Desk Lamps

1. The table lamp should master the brightness distribution in the field of view

In order to save electricity, some families only turn on the desk lamp for children to study. Sometimes if you are afraid that the brightness is not enough, replace it with a lamp with a larger wattage. If only the desk lamp (eye protection lamp) is on, and the surrounding area is dark or the illumination under the desk lamp is very high, but the illumination in the non-reading area is very low, the eyes must constantly adapt to adjust the brightness contrast that is too high or too low within the field of vision, and it is easy to cause visual fatigue, which can easily induce myopia.

Generally speaking, the illuminance of the reading area under the table lamp (eye protection lamp) and the surrounding non-reading area should be controlled in the range of 3:1, so that a suitable brightness environment can improve visual acuity and reduce visual fatigue.

2. The desk lamp avoids glare interference in the reading place

Lamps that avoid direct glare should be used indoors, and their uniform glare value should meet national standards. The indirect glare caused by the specular reflection of certain decorations or desktop materials in the home, such as metal and glass plates, will cause subjective reactions of visual discomfort, and sometimes it is even difficult to see the details of book fonts in part or in whole.

Some children are disturbed by glare for a long time due to their young age or insensitive subjective reactions, causing a sharp decline in vision.

3. Desk lamp home decoration should make full use of natural light

The desks for primary school students to read and do homework at home should be arranged near the lighting windows as much as possible.

4. The height of the desk lamp is also very important

Usually when the eyes are 30 cm away from the book, you can see the handwriting clearly without excessive fatigue. Based on this calculation, the height of the desk lamp is 40-50 cm from the writing surface, which is more appropriate. The distance between the luminosity and the line of sight of people is stipulated. Generally, the distance is 30 cm to 45 cm, and the angle between the light and the line of sight is 45 degrees.

In this way, sufficient reading lighting is ensured, and the surrounding environment also has a certain brightness. If the desk lamp monitor is too low, it will make the light shine on too small a range, and the surrounding area will be dark. Because the table lamp is a typical point light source, the light and shade changes greatly in the distance, and it is difficult to form a large enough high-illumination area on the desktop.

5. The position of the desk lamp also has a great impact on vision

Because most people write with their right hands, the desk lamp should be placed in front of the left side of the body. When writing, it will not form shadows on the paper due to the covering of the hands, and the light shining on the paper will not reflect into our eyes and cause glare.

Of course, the general indoor lighting should not be blocked by objects, so as not to have the effect of background light on the reading area.

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