What indicators do you need to pay attention to when buying desk lamps?

There are three categories of table lamps: LED, fluorescent and halogen. From our point of view, whether it is a halogen lamp, an energy saving lamp (fluorescent lamp) or an LED lamp, as long as the quality of the light source is good enough, they can all be used with confidence. It is not necessary to look for a particular type of lamp, as we judge whether a lamp is worth buying by measuring the light source, not the type.

To buy a table lamp you need to pay special attention to the following indicators: illumination, colour rendering index, colour temperature, blue light, strobe.

1, the light level of the table lamp (unit: LUX)

The so-called illumination, which is what we usually say the light is bright or not. Uneven illumination will make the eyes adjust frequently to the movement of the target, easily triggering eye fatigue. According to Chinese standards, a light level of no less than 300 LUX is appropriate when reading.

The light level and illumination uniformity should be at least A-grade, and better still, AA-grade. For better protection of the eyes, priority should be given to the AA level of illumination.

2, the colour rendering index of table lamps (unit: RA)

The colour rendering index is a measure of the consistency between the colour presented by the light source on the object and the colour presented by the object itself.

The greater the colour rendering index, the better the colour reproduction of the illuminated object itself; the lower the colour rendering index, the more distorted the colour of the illuminated object will be. For general lighting, it is recommended to choose a light source with a colour rendering index (RA) > 80.

3, the colour temperature of the table lamp (unit: K)

Colour temperature refers to the warmth and coolness of the light, which is easy to understand for students who play photography. The colour temperature value determines the comfort level of the light. Generally when we choose a table lamp, the colour temperature of LED lights in the range of 3710 to 4260K (warm white) is more comfortable. If it is an adjustable colour temperature table lamp, it can be adjusted to about 4000K similar to natural light is better.

4, blue light from the lamp

Too much blue light can cause damage to the eyes, so that is why businesses often promote blue light-free. Blue light hazards cannot be avoided, but you can choose the smallest level of harm index.

There are 4 levels of blue light hazards: no hazard (RG0), low hazard (RG1), medium hazard (RG2) and high hazard (RG3). When we choose a desk lamp, try to choose RG0 desk lamp, so that you do not have to worry about the blue light problem.

5, the strobe of the lamp

Strobe problem is also unavoidable, the business propaganda without strobe is in fact also the maximum reduction in frequency. Strobe is easy to cause visual fatigue, dizziness, etc., serious may cause vision loss, headaches, etc..

When buying a table lamp, try to choose a frequency greater than 3125Hz so that you don't have to worry about it. At this stage all table lamps should be strobe-free.

Another way to test for strobe is to turn on a mobile phone video and focus the lamp on the screen, if there is a "strobe" phenomenon, you can tell there is a strobe.

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