What Should Be Paid Attention to when Choosing Lamps for Study Room?

Lighting requirements for general study rooms: In general, fluorescent tubes, ceiling lamps and table lamps can be used as lamps for study rooms, and spotlights can be used for bookcases or decorations to enhance the effect. And the chandelier should not be too low, otherwise it will produce shadows in the backlight, and if it is too low, it will easily produce a feeling of depression.

1. Is there any particularity in the choice of lamps for study room?

There are many details to pay attention to in the selection of lamps for study room. If some details are not handled well, then the actual effect in the study will also have a great impact. At the same time, the overall effect of lighting on a study is also great. The lighting must be selected well to meet the actual needs of the study and create a better atmosphere for the study.

2. How to choose the lamps for study room? What are the standards?

There must be spotlights for desk lamps and bookcases in the study, so that the owner can read and find books. But note that the light of the desk lamp should be evenly irradiated on the reading and writing place, and it should not be too close to people to avoid glare from the glare. Lamps should generally be equipped with chandeliers for lighting, wall lamps and writing desk lamps for partial lighting.

In addition, it can also be equipped with a small bedside lamp, which can be moved at will, and can be placed on the partition of the combination cabinet, or on the coffee table or small cabinet. The lighting in the study room should be simple. On the premise of ensuring the illumination, it can be equipped with milky white or light yellow wall lamps and ceiling lamps.

3. What kind of lamp for study room is more suitable for the study?

Generally speaking, it is not suitable to use too bright and whitish lights in the study room. One is because it follows the principle that the hall is bright and the room is dark, and the other is that the bright light will increase the burden on the eyes, which is very easy to cause visual fatigue. Therefore, in the study room, light yellow light should be chosen as the main light tone.

Then choose a slightly brighter eye-protecting desk lamp on the desk for study and work. This will not only save energy, but also help the user's eye health. Shape Among all the shapes, only square and round are more suitable for use in the study room.

Among them, if the individual is a lazy person or a person with poor self-control, it is best to use square lighting in the study. Because the square is a symbol of the earth, it will make people feel down-to-earth.

Furthermore, the square shape gives people a sense of order, which will prevent users from doing things without rules and plans.

And if you are a relatively rigid and stubborn person, it is best to use round lighting to warm up your majestic temperament. Also make yourself more easy-going and kind.

The study lighting in the study should not be too much, generally two or three are appropriate. A main lamp, and then a desk lamp on the desk. If you have a coffee table or other table, you can also use a floor lamp so that it can be moved at any time.

In addition, from the perspective of Feng Shui, lighting has its own magnetic field and is dynamic. And the study needs a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Therefore, too many lighting fixtures cannot be placed. Otherwise, a disordered magnetic field will make it difficult for people to be quiet, and they will not be able to study and work.

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